Live presentation: Miquel Aparici

Piece With Artist Magazine presents their last issue at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona together with Villa del Arte Galleries and their resident sculptor, Miquel Aparici.

For the presentation of the latest issue of Piece With Artist Magazine, Miquel Aparici, the Barcelona based sculptor, moves his studio into the gallery to publicly finish his latest work, a life-size lion made with recycled materials. An artistic intervention where you can see the artist at work.

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Miquel Aparici

1963, Barcelona, Spain

Miquel Aparici’s sculptures are surprising assemblages made from old objects that had other uses in the past, and which the artist recovers and uses in a creative and ingenious way. The result is an original collection of unusual animals that test our imagination and invite us to discover the elements that make up each piece, in a fun game of observation requiring the complicity of the viewer.

His work is characterized by simplicity, since most of his pieces bring together few elements, resulting in very elegant compositions with simple lines, which together with his creativity, endow his pieces with great expressive power.

He turns his drawings into three-dimensional beings, using the technique of assemblage with old utensils as well as molds and disused objects of wood and metal. Since then he has produced more than 350 pieces, representing all kinds of animals of different shapes and sizes, from a life-size elephant to tiny insects. Using the same technique, we also find among his sculptures musical instruments, rockets, masks and a collection of “secret books”.