Solo Show: Núria Guinovart

Celebrating our new look in Tapineria 39 with Núria Guinovart.

This Friday March 15th we are very excited to be opening our latest solo show exhibiting some of Núria Guinovart’s latest works in our new look in Calle Tapineria gallery! Explore this Catalan artist’s personalised palette and unconventional techniques using industrial cement to express fragility and lightness.

Núria Guinovart, a self-taught artist was born in Barcelona in 1961. Her work is linked to contemporary abstraction, her compositions use neutral colours, mainly ranging from greys to greens, blues and lilacs. A textural richness is achieved through her principal material, industrial cement, which is carefully used to express fragility and lightness. The cement is carefully layered to create forms. In spite of the aspect of hardness, the result is sensitive, elegant, poetic, filling silent spaces and portraying emotions.

Núria’s pursuit of equilibrium shines through her art, as she skillfully blends diverse experiences to create a poetic expression of reality. Her captivating artwork, featuring gracefully imperfect masses in harmonious balance, leaves a profound impression on viewers and contributes to her lasting impact in the art world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore our new ambience in Carrer de la Tapineria 39, located in the heart of the Gotic Quarter in Barcelona city.