Artist Spotlight: Victor Pérez-Porro

Collaboration with Art Cat Semana de l’Art: we present Victor Pérez-Porro.

Villa del Arte collaboration with Art Cat for Setmana de l’Art involves inviting experienced artists in Catalonia who may not have gallery commitments or regularly work with them to showcase their work. This initiative aims to highlight the work of these artists, who have a history of producing high-quality and rigorously crafted art but may not have received the attention they deserve. By mediating their work through established galleries, the goal is to bring visibility to these artists during Setmana de l’Art and increase recognition to their contributions within the cultural landscape of Catalonia.

Victor Pérez-Porro, originally from Barcelona, has been an artist for more than 30 years. He has participated in multiple solo and collective exhibitions. He is a painter who constructs and builds chromatic superimpositions of geometric abstraction.

Hidden beneath the sequential repetition is the express will to break the order without searching for references in reality. Landscapes of the imagination, spaces determined by light, colour and the alternation of vertical and horizontal stripes. Practice that invokes the optical play of Op Art and kinetic art that emerged in the sixties. His style is based on an elementary geometric system and he has been experimenting with a voluntarily restricted lexicon. All his work is centred on a constant reflection on the basic components of painting, namely form, texture and colour.

The work of Víctor Pérez-Porro can be visited at Villa del Arte Barcelona in Carrer de la Palla 10 from November 29 to December 13, and the exhibition continues at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona (Passeig de Gràcia 38-40) and at Carrer de la Tapineria 39.