Solo Show: Roger Deakins

Frame by Frame: Roger Deakins’ Photographic Odyssey

We are delighted to announce an upcoming solo exhibition featuring the exceptional photography of acclaimed cinematographer, Roger Deakins. Renowned for his mastery of visual storytelling in cinema, Deakins now invites you to experience his equally mesmerizing world through the lens of his photography book, “BYWAYS.”

Mark your calendars for a special evening on October 19, as Roger Deakins himself joins us at Villa del Arte to present his captivating collection of photographs. This event promises a rare opportunity to engage with the artist and gain insights into the inspiration and stories behind his evocative images.

“BYWAYS” takes viewers on a visual odyssey through Deakins’ lens, offering a unique perspective on landscapes, moments, and the nuanced beauty found in everyday life. Each photograph is a testament to his keen eye for composition, light, and the intricate dance between subject and surroundings.

From sweeping vistas to intimate portraits, Deakins’ work in “BYWAYS” showcases his ability to capture the essence of a moment with unparalleled artistry. Whether you’re a seasoned photography enthusiast or simply an appreciator of visual storytelling, this exhibition promises to leave a lasting impression.

Join us on 19th October at Carrer de la Palla 10 and immerse yourself in Roger Deakins’ world of photographic brilliance. Discover the stories that unfold within each frame and experience the artistry that has garnered him acclaim in both the world of cinema and photography.

Now on show.

Monday to Friday 10h – 20h
Saturday and Sunday 11h – 20h

Location: Carrer de la Palla 10, Barcelona