Meet the Artist: Albert Espona

Unveilling new realms: An evening with artist Albert Espona

Embark on a journey through the captivating world of artist Albert Espona. His creations are a testament to the seamless fusion of digital innovation, science, and nature. Albert’s mastery of various digital techniques breathes life into his work, from dynamic light boxes to mesmerizing video projections.

A graduate of Barcelona’s esteemed Massana School, Albert’s career began in graphic design. His illustrations graced the pages of publications like Avui and La Vanguardia, as well as the esteemed La Galera publishing house. In 2003, he boldly established his design studio, setting the stage for his evolution into a distinguished visual artist.

Albert’s vision comes to life through his art: “Drawing becomes for me a way of approaching the origin and structure of form and matter. In my works, I want to convey an idea of movement and energy in transformation.” This continuous dance of creation and dissolution forms the heart of his pieces.

Here is a video of what happened that day at Mandarin Oriental Barcelona.