Rosendo Porro Cuesta

1981, Granollers, Spain

Rosendo Porro Cuesta’s sculptures lend themselves to the world of optical illusions. The intention is to play with and go beyond the confines of the drawn line, everyday forms and objects become exceptional.
Porro Cuesta examines the limitations of the lines to create spaces where the spectator can recognize the object in an unprecedented environment. As such he converts the density of matter into minimal lines that hint at a story and provoke the imagination to see beyond the known.

Rosendo Porro Cuesta

Porro Cuesta graduated in Forging and Metal Arts at the Escola d’Art Superior de Disseny de Vic in 2002. After working in a small workshop studying traditional welding and smithery techniques, he passed on his knowledge through teaching.

The renowned Catalan sculptor Josep Plandiura invited him to collaborate on the construction and installation of numerous large-scale sculptures in his workshop, where Porro Cuesta continues to work.

In 2012 he opened his first workshop, L’Enclusa, located in Barcelona´s Poble Espanyol, collaborating with interior decorators, designers and artists. Currently he is immersed in new sculpture projects andscenography for advertising and television.