Eirik Audunson


“We make everyday trash into something uncommon, something unreal. We make the familiar unfamiliar. We make people look again at everyday trash and have a thought or two about what it really is, where it comes from, who once owned it and what happened.”

Mixed Media

Eirik Audunson

The Plastic Sun


Eirik Audunson

Eirik Audunson Skaar is a visual artist and writer. He graduated in Journalism from Volda University College and worked as a journalist until 2008 making documentaries on current issues and news. In 2009 he decided to turn his professional life around and started studying Fine Arts at the Oslo Art Academy, which he completed with a master’s degree and an exhibition in 2014.Audunson’s community-based method combines plastic pollution awareness and art. Key elements are involvement and participation. Students from schools near a chosen project site take part in beach cleanups, identification of plastic by use and origin, and finally recycling of the plastic as outdoor reliefs or sculpture. The process increases the knowledge about ocean health and leaves behind an environmental art statement in the public domain.He has received several grants from the Norwegian Arts Council to create and write about art.

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