Albert Espona Unseen With Jennifer Townley and Ferrari Art Car

Villa del Arte Gallery at Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona,
is delighted to invite you to an exclusive
art event on June 19th at 18:30.


Multi-media artist, Albert Espona’s creative legacy continues in the hands of his family. His innovative work combines digital creation techniques inspired by science and nature, exploring light and movement through various media. Discover newly retrieved, previously unseen pieces by the renowned artist in tandem with the Albert Espona Ferrari Art Car, in celebration of the F1 events in Barcelona.

Parallel to this, kinetic artist Jennifer Townley’s work will be debuted at Villa del Arte for the first time in Barcelona. Townley draws inspiration from the mathematical wonders of nature, creating organic structures through repetition, symmetry, scaling, and rotation; combined with admiration of Dutch artist M. C. Escher and an interest in human perception.

Jennifer Townley, Inverta.

Special Guests:

Albert Espona’s familiy and the gallery director will give short talks, alongside experts from Auto Storica sharing their passion for automotive history and the restoration and sale of classic and investment vehicles. Their insights will provide a unique perspective on the intersection of art and engineering excellence, celebrating the legacy of Albert Espona and the meticulous craftsmanship involved in preserving automotive heritage.

Join us for an evening of artistic discovery and inspiration. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional event.

June 19th, 18:30

Villa del Arte Gallery at Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona